Sony announced new VR headset for PS5

In a shock announcement, Sony on Tuesday introduced the next-generation Virtual fact (VR) headset for its best-selling PlayStation 5 domestic console. The headset will come with a multiplied subject of view and a new controller stimulated through the PS5’s DualSense.

The upcoming PlayStation VR will provide “dramatic leaps in overall performance and interactivity” and “an even larger experience of presence,” Hideaki Nishino of Sony Interactive Entertainment stated on the PlayStation Blog.

The new model of the PS VR, which is presently under development, will require a single twine to join with the PS5, a principal trade from the preceding technology headset that was once brought for the PS4 in 2016. The unique PlayStation VR for the PS4, even although a profitable one, used to be criticized for the usage of a couple of cables to make the headset work in the first place. Despite that, the PlayStation VR goes on to turn out to be the best-selling VR headset in the world promoting over 5 million gadgets as of January 2020. The headset, initially delivered at $399, wasn’t high-end as the aggressive VR headsets however proved extra profitable due to Sony’s belief in the platform. The PlayStation VR additionally helps Sony’s trendy PlayStation 5, however requires an adapter to work.

Nishino isn’t equipped to disclose extra important points about the next-generation VR headset for the PS5 yet. The headset won’t launch in 2021, he said, however, verified that builders have to get admission to the early hardware.

The pass to launch the next-generation VR headset for its flagship PS5 console will supply Sony a facet over Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Nintendo’s Switch console. Out of the three huge console manufacturers, Sony is the sole employer that is investing closely in the improvement of VR hardware and software.

Virtual fact is presently at a nascent technology, with restricted content material handy that excites mass consumers. There have been efforts made via Facebook’s Oculus, Sony, and Vive to crack the market, however, there isn’t a killer app that makes human beings involved in digital fact (VR). Apple too is involved in digital reality. The Cupertino agency is reportedly working on a high-end VR headset that it ought to launch in 2022. Experts say the entry of Apple into the VR headset area ought to shake up the market, which has so ways attracted company shoppers and expert users. 

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