Russia will train two flight surgeons from India in space medicine for the Gaganyaan mission

The Indian enterprise will locate massive possibilities thru participation in highly demanding Space missions. Gaganyaan Mission is predicted will supply almost 60% of its tools from the Indian personal sector.

Employment: According to the ISRO chief, the Gaganyaan mission would create 15,000 new employment opportunities, 13,000 of them in the non-public enterprise, and the area business enterprise would want additional manpower of 900.

Technological development: Human Space flights are a frontier subject in science and technology. The challenges the Human Space Flights grant to India and the advantages accruing from taking up these missions will be very excessive and will lead to a similarly thrust for technological traits in India.

Spurs lookup and development: It will improve correct lookup and technological know-how development. With a large number of researchers with suited gear involved, HSF will thrust huge lookup in areas such as substances processing, astrobiology, sources mining, planetary chemistry, planetary orbital calculus, and many other areas.


Human area flight will furnish that suggestion to the childhood and additionally the countrywide public mainstream. It would encourage the younger era into amazing achievements and allow them to play their legitimate function in difficult future activities.


India will be the fourth us to launch a human area mission. The Gaganyaan will no longer solely bring

about status to the country however additionally set up India’s function as a key participant in the area enterprise.

Objectives of the Mission: 

1. Enhancement of science and technology levels in the country 

2. A national project involving several institutes, academia, and industry 

3. Improvement of industrial growth 

4. Inspiring youth 

5. Development of technology for social benefits 

6. Improving international collaboration

Flight surgeons are: 

● Doctors from the Indian Air Force who have specialized in aerospace medicine. 

● Responsible for astronauts' health before, during, and after a flight. 

Indian Human Space Flight Programme: 

ISRO aims to launch its maiden Human Space Mission, Gaganyaan before the 75th anniversary of India’s independence in 2022.

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