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1. Big Bang Theory & Evolution

Presently, scientists are trying their level best to prove big band and evolution true and God’s existence untrue. Big bang theory means that there happened a huge explosive in space which resulted in the birth of this universe. And planets of every kind, stars, sun, moon, earth and all kinds of grass, flowers and plants on earth, came into existence. Remember, science doesn’t believe in any god, so they are looking for the thing which caused that explosion or big bang. They believe that its name is dark matter, a particle that cannot be explained. They say that 85 percent of the universe came into being due to the dark matter. 

What is the Big Bang theory?

Therefore, they want to search dark matter in any case. The hypocrisy of scientists is proved here that they don’t believe in any God According to them, something that is seen, touched, tasted, felt, heard and proved through experiment, such object really exists. That is, it has a reality. Now as God cannot be seen, heard, touched, tasted or felt, so God has no actuality. 

This is what science believes. Keeping this standard in front of us, neither big bang nor evolution can be proved. No one has ever seen, heard, tasted, touched and felt big bang. it can also not be proved through experiment. n the same way; evolution can also not be verified. But you can see their hypocrisy and drama that they leave God and believe big bang and evolution. 

An underground lab facility is available in Gran Sasso, Italy, where these experiments were operated between 2016 and 2018. It came from these experiments that there is a particle which exists against the law of physics. It is so tiny that it is like not having a weight, so this particle does not fit in the law of gravity. Scientists say that a new science needs to be created to explain this particle. Let me tell you, they are giving the name of dark matter i.e., secret matter, to God’s power, from which this universe came into being. 

In several Hollywood movies, this dark matter has been shown. For instance, in the movie Lucy, a dark matter or a black thing keeps covering the film’s heroine. She disappears when it covers her from all over. he sends a message on the detective’s mobile, “I am everywhere.” However, this quality belongs only to God, as he is present everywhere. In addition, this dark matter, also known as programmable matter is also shown in transformer’s movie, which a man can change from one thing to other with his mind. 

If you notice, they are picturing God as darkness, when God is light and there is no darkness in him at all. This world doesn’t come into existence due to any dark matter but from the word of God. No matter how hard science tries, they will never be able to prove God false. Because God is there, and his existence cannot be denied. God is not an object to be found with experiment. God is a living entity, who keeps proving his existence. His deniers get nothing but shame.

2. Worlds First 3D Human Eye (Artificial Eye)

Scientists Develop Worlds First 3D Artificial EYE Today, science has exceeded in the world of health and medicine and several people's lives can also be saved with its accomplishments. Science has also made better, the lives of those disabled people, who reply on science to eliminate their disability. One such disability is blindness. 

Researchers Say Bionic Eye Coming in Five Years - Science news - Tasnim  News Agency

Such a person cannot see from one of his eyes or from both eyes. To get rid of this disability, Hong Kong University of science and technology, has made the first 3D artificial eye of the world. According to scientists, this eye is not only a lot better than the so far made bionic eye but also than the human eye. In recent time, Hong Kong University of science and technology, has worked on this project, in collaboration with University of California. 

They told a journal named Nature, whatever came up. This electro chemical eye, is the shape of the human eye, and it can keep more functions than a normal human eye. For instance, in future, the infrared radiations will also be seen in the dark. Scientists say that this artificial eye can directly be connected to the human brain through micro wires, and they can work by getting current from the brain nerves. 

Did you see? today's extreme efforts of science of making transhuman, by putting together human and machine. In next 5 years, you will get to know such news over and over again. Because up to 2030, they have plans to evolve human by merging him with machine, make them Evolve those who believe in Evolution, they believe that humans should keep evolving in order to survive so that transhuman agenda can be fulfilled. 

Scientists have developed the world's first 3D artificial eye

Remember, anything that works with electric current can be connected to the internet, so that internet of things can be used. And if a human body has eyes, legs, arms or anything that works with the electric current, then it can easily be hacked through internet. I don't know how the upcoming days will be like, but I know that mankind is living in his last day.

3. Rusting of Moon (The End is Near)

“Earth is making the moon rust, scientists find.” So, friends, researchers say that the moon is rusting and somehow our Earth is to blame for this. As strange as this is to hear, it just fulfils the word of God. Because, the moon will become the blood moon for eternity if it really gets rusty. As it is written in the Holy Bible that in the last days when it will the time of the arrival of Jesus Christ, the sun will be dark and the moon will turn blood red. 

Planetary Scientists Surprised to Find the Moon Rusting – Now They've Found  the Likely Culprit

The researchers have noticed from the data provided by Indian Space Research Organization’s Chandrayaan-1 orbiter that the composition of moon’s magnetic poles is different from other stars. While studying the light reflecting back from these poles, a researcher from the University of Hawaii S Y Lee has found out signatures of hematite on the moon rocks. Hematite is a form of Iron Oxide which is commonly known as rust. 

Hematite is the rust that appears on rocks or mountains. But the presence of oxygen is very essential for the formation of this rust. But because moon has no atmosphere of its own therefore the formation of rust is impossible there. Lee says, “It’s very puzzling, the moon is terrible environment for hematite to form in.” For this reason, Lee contacted the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, on which scientist Abigail Fraeman answered that in the first place I don’t believe that the moon is rusting because there is no air on the moon to cause rusting. 

The Moon Is Rusting and Space Is Amazing - Bloomberg

But since we have discovered water on the moon, people have been speculating that there will be minerals on the moon too. And the water must have reacted with the rocks causing rust to form there. At the moment, scientists have come to the conclusion that as oxygen can travel up to 385,000 kilometres via the magnetotail, therefore our Earth is delivering oxygen to the moon. 

For this reason, the side of the moon facing the Earth is rusting but the back side of the moon which is also known as the dark side of the moon, is not rusting. Whatever it is friends, the moon didn’t rust for thousands of years. Why has it just begun? And anyway, whenever the moon turns blood red, it is because of the sunbeams travelling through the oxygen present in the Earth’s atmosphere and reaching the moon. 

When the light falls on the moon after passing through oxygen then it appears as a blood moon. Now if the moon gets rusty then it will become fully red. And only the red moon will be visible from the earth. And it will once again fulfil the word of God that the sun will become dark and the moon will turn blood red. So, concerning the sun becoming dark, I have already told you that these devil worshipers are planning to send the Sun in a state of lockdown. 

In which, such artificial clouds will be created that will not let the sunlight fall on the Earth for several weeks, months or even years. Before you think of anything, I want to tell you that I don’t know how long it will take to become a full blood red moon. But I know for a fact that if it happens then we will be left with nothing behind. All the prophecies will be fulfilled and Jesus Christ will be back. 

Therefore, remember that before the sun becomes dark and the moon becomes blood the Antichrist has to come, and he will certainly build the third temple. He is given 7 years on this Earth and only after those 7 years will the moon be turned blood red. That is why friends, keep an eye on Israel because it has all started from Israel and it will all end there. 

And believe me; we are in the days where every single prophecy seems to be coming true. And if we still don’t have faith after this then it is our own fault. God’s silence should not be considered his weakness. He is patient only for us so that we believe and be saved. Else he can end everything in just one day if he wants to. Therefore, repent and believe for the kingdom of God is approaching.

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